Shirt Sizing

Before ordering GyneSlim shirts we recommend measuring your chest using the following guide.


Please DO NOT order a smaller size thinking you will get better results. This will only lead to disappointment as the shirt is likely not to fit. Our shirts are not like regular sports compression shirts which are looser fitting, as our GyneSlim shirts have been sized optimally to provide the best compression for the wearer and achieve the desired results. Many men wear sports compression shirts that are smaller than they should wear in an effort to get tight compression. This is not necessary with GyneSlim shirts as they are already sized correctly to provide the best compression. Ordering a smaller sized GyneSlim shirt thinking it will compress more will only mean it will be difficult to put on and too tight to wear.

If you are unsure about your size and need to determine your shirt size, you will need a cloth tape measure or download and print out our handy printable tape measure below. A friend to help position the tape measure will make things a bit easier, but it is possible to measure your chest without any assistance.

If you don’t have a suitable tape measure handy here’s a printable tape measure to download to make measuring your chest a lot easier. Click on the image below to download and print the PDF file. Then follow the instructions shown in the PDF to assemble the tape measure.

Printable Tape Measure


  1. Stand up straight with your arms hanging straight by your sides.
  2. Breathing normally, wrap the tape measure under your armpits around the largest part of your chest (a friend to help may make this easier).
  3. In the back, you want the tape measure to wrap across your shoulder blades.
  4. The tape measure should be snug, but not tight.
  5. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground.
  6. Measure 2 or 3 times and take an average, then check against the size chart below to confirm size.
Size Chart

If your measured size falls between two sizes we would recommend ordering the larger of the two sizes as the smaller size might be more difficult to get on or off.


We appreciate that sizing of compression clothing can sometimes be tricky. When you first try on your shirts please keep in mind that GyneSlim shirts are made to fit quite tight in order to hide the problem that they are designed to combat.

Initially when worn, GyneSlim shirts may feel tight and slightly constricting but after a while you will get used to wearing them and you will not even notice it’s there any more. Also the shirt’s compression material will require a few wearings to stretch to your natural body shape, and then it will become easier to wear.

Trying on the Shirt

After receiving your GyneSlim shirt order the first thing to do is to check that the shirt is the correct size. When trying on the shirt we would recommend bathing beforehand to ensure that your torso is completely clean and dry. This will make it easier to put the shirt on and also reduce the likelihood that the shirt will marked when you try it on. In the event that the shirt turns out to be the wrong size we will be unable to accept shirts back for exchange (or refund) if they show any marks or stains from being tried on (or worn).

Wearing the shirt

Without a tight fit gynecomastia shirts will not be able to compress the chest and give the results you are looking for. This means that for some men their body type may result in the shirt being a little more difficult to put on or take off, particularly if the person has broader shoulders than normal.

As you can imagine, as the shirts fit tightly this means that the material is stretched almost to it’s limits and the stitching is under some stress when worn, particularly when the shirt is put on or taken off. There are a few things which will help in putting on a taking off the shirts.

First make sure that the skin is completely dry before putting the shirt on as any moisture will cause the material to ‘grab’ onto the skin. We recommend to use talcum powder after bathing before putting the shirt on as this makes sure the material slides over the skin. When putting the shirt on please take care to avoid putting excessive force or strain on the seams. Take your time, don’t forget this is not like a normal loose fitting undershirt.

When taking the shirt off avoid just grabbing the bottom seam and pulling up as this puts excessive force on the seam which can cause damage. It is best to roll the shirt up the back (and front) to under the armpits and the take hold of a bunch of the material around the bottom seam. Then slowly and gently pull the shirt to take it off which will reduce the stress and strain put on the seam stitching.

If you are really struggling to put the shirt on it usually means that you have ordered the wrong size. But don’t forget that initially the shirt material will require a few wearings to stretch to your natural body shape, and then it will become easier to wear.