Gynecomastia Shirts for Men

Our gynecomastia shirts are designed to conceal gynecomastia and hide “man boobs” instantly. Avoid surgery that is risky & expensive, and “wonder” diet pills that just don’t work.

How our compression shirts can help you:

  • easiest way to hide man boobs
  • instant results
  • great performing & comfortable undershirt
  • confidence boost at work or play

Over the years we’ve helped 1000s of men gain confidence and feel better about themselves. But don’t take our word for it; this is what some of our customers have said about their GyneSlim compression shirts.

“..what a fantastic shirt this is. It makes me look and feel great, and gives me confidence that I didn’t have before.” – HD

“My doctor told me about you guys,Love these,Thank you” – RC

“..with my gynecomastia these shirts give me a lot of confidence. Thank you GyneSlim! You are the best!” – MD

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GyneSlim™ Shirts

Our special compression shirts offer great results combined with a comfortable fit. These gynecomastia shirts are completely invisible under your clothes as they feature the short sleeves and wide neck. Designed with attention to detail and made with the high quality fabric you won’t be disappointed with the results. Read more…

Save almost $65 and pay only $31.99 per shirt in our Work Week 5-pack. A fresh shirt for each day of the working week!

GyneSlim™ Shirts

GyneSlim™ Highlights

  1. Designed to pull in problem chest areas
  2. Wide & low neck opening lets you wear open collar shirts
  3. Short sleeves conceal the shirt under your clothing
  4. Specially woven fabric gives constant 360° compression
  5. Generous length stops the shirt riding up over the belt line. Ideal for Big & Tall sizes.
  6. Available in Black and White

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What Will a GyneSlim Shirt Do for Me?

GyneSlim™ shirts have been used successfully by thousands of men just like you to gain confidence and make themselves look and feel better. Designed by a gynecomastia sufferer who was disappointed with other shirts he tried, GyneSlim™ shirts are made in the U.S.A from the highest quality materials available.

Regular slimming shirts, including those you’ve Seen on TV, are designed to make your belly and love handles slimmer. Unlike other compression shirts on the market, GyneSlim™ shirts are designed to combat gynecomastia and their main purpose is to hide man boobs. But, as a bonus you’ll also enjoy a slimmer belly and love handles.

You have probably tried wearing sports compression shirts and found that you have to buy several sizes smaller to try and flatten your chest, but the sleeves and neck become so tight they are unbearable to wear. This won’t happen with GyneSlim shirts, as they have been designed from the outset to fit correctly for your chest size and still effectively flatten your chest.

These shirts are a must have for any man who wants to look and feel great. If you want a fast and instant way to reduce the size of your chest then these shirts are what you’ve been looking for.

Do GyneSlim Shirts Work?

Yes they do! The special Spandex blend of fibers conceal your problem chest and the short sleeves and wide collar makes them invisible under your regular clothes. If you want to look great at work, at play or at a special occasion then this is the only way to get instant results. Our shirts are comfortable and discreet meaning they can be worn all day, everyday. Wear one all day at work, then keep wearing it after work at the gym or for a romantic evening meal.